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Sunday Story…Peak Experiences

Sunday Story…Peak Experiences

I have been fortunate in my life to have had many “Peak experiences”. I define a peak experience as a high point in life where I have felt ecstatic and more alive and whole than is usual. Jumping out of an airplane comes to mind…that moment when you step out 10,000 feet above the ground is unparalleled.

These moments sometimes need to be looked for and cultivated. Other times they just need to be noticed. Obviously skydiving is an experience that I planned and went out of my way to experience. But that sunset the other night, or the moment when you spy the mountain lake at the end of a long hike? Those things require you to be present and notice them.

What happen when the peak becomes mundane, everyday? What happens after you jump from the plane 100 times? Is it still a peak experience? Could it or should it be? Is there every a time when we should be immune to the experience of wholeness when the moon rises full again?

You get to decide. You get to minimize those amazing experiences or exalt in them. Your choice. Remember when a small child sees something amazing for the first time? Those squeals of delight and amazement, the wide eyes, breath taking jumping up and down excitement. You could have that same depth of feeling if you choose to allow it in. But you will need to set aside your adult indifference and apathy in order to find it again.

Are you living without peak experiences? Why? Those experiences are all around you. Are you too old, too tough, too hard, and too grown up to see life, all of your life through the lens of child like amazement? Why would you rob your psyche of that joy?

I am going to suggest you start looking for those moments when you find that ecstasy, that alive-ness, that whole-ness in your daily life. Let’s be honest, you might not find it on your daily commute but isn’t it possible it is there several times a day and you just aren’t focused on finding it. What we look for we find. Ever buy a new car and then see all the cars on the road just like yours? Same thing.

Look for those moments…they are everywhere. We live in an amazing natural world, populated by amazing people who do amazing things.

So be amazed!

John Mariotti
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