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Sunday Story…See Me

Sunday Story…See Me

There are some other parts inside me that need to be fed. I’m not talking about my need for food. I am talking about feeding my other needs. I am a seething unending chasm of needs, so are you. The trick is to feed your needs in ways that are life enhancing instead of hurtful and harmful to our lives and relationships.

This is going to take some honest appraisal of what the need really is. What you think it is on the surface is rarely what it is deep down and the way you think you should meet it is rarely going to meet that deep down yearning. Needs are universal…you and I have the same needs…maybe not in the same hierarchy but everyone on the planet has them in some way shape or form.

Here is a concrete example: the Sunday Story. That’s right the piece you are reading now and I have been writing almost every week for over 5 years is one of the ways I meet some very deep seated needs. On the surface, you might think I write in order to meet the need to provide content for my web site or blog. That is true. Or I am meeting my need to write. But these are not universal needs.

You might say these stories meet my need to express my self creatively. Creation is a universal need. Every human needs to be creative to some degree. Procreation is something we are all driven to do. It is a biological imperative. But when I drill down a little deeper it isn’t just my need to express creativity.

The truth of the matter is I write the Sunday Story so you may “see” me. And when I say “see” I mean the deeper dark parts of who I really am. The parts I would prefer to keep hidden under the rocks. The parts I don’t always like to admit are there. The parts of myself that are a little scared, or mean, or not so likeable. Some weeks are harder to tear off the façade than others. Some weeks I just can’t do it. I write anyway. I write so I can feed this need, so it doesn’t eat me alive. I write so I don’t tear off all my clothes in the public square metaphorically speaking. This outlet affords me a way to feed my need to be seen.

There you have it. The question to you is simple: Are you feeding your real needs? Those deep down needs you don’t like to look at? And what are you doing to keep those little monsters fed in a life enhancing way? Because if you don’t they are going to get fed in some inopportune moments and ways.

Feed the need.

John Mariotti
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