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Sunday Story…Short

Sunday Story…Short

And sweet.

To all of you in attendance last night for my Super Spectacular 60th Dance Yer Face Off Birthday Party…THANK YOU!!! It means a lot you were able to spend your time and energy with me in celebration.

To all of you who posted remembrances and notes for my “treasure” box”…THANK YOU!!! Thanks for taking your time to do that I will treasure them always. You can continue to post if you feel moved to do so at

To all of you who wanted to be here but couldn’t…THANKS for thinking of me! Your energy was felt.

To those of you who left card and gifts…THANK YOU!!! I will enjoy them all.

If you want to contribute to one (or all) of the charities my daughter, Shelle and her husband, Dan picked out for their wedding (and now my 60th birthday) go here: if the link doesn’t work be sure the M is capitalized!

And Finally some mentions:

To Eric Beichler…thanks for the ribs…they were perfect (as usual)

To Tim Woehr…great job on the catering the food was fantastic

To Julie Heath, Karen Sanderson, and Andrea Reich AKA the decorating committee…Super Job. The place was transformed magically into a rocking disco!

To Kate Cruickshank…words are not enough to express my gratitude for your presentation, all the gifts your friendship has given me, and the care you put into living your life. From the deepest parts of me…I humbly and simply say…Thank You

To Kiki Yardeni…you were right…worlds can collide and come together and create something totally new and amazing. Thanks for staying in the inquiry with me! Thank you.

And last but not least, to my business partner Ellie McKenzie…You have put up with and tolerated my crap for 3+ years. I know I am a pain in the neck and difficult to deal with at times. Yet here we are. I am grateful for everything we have been through and what we have created and the community around us that has come together. The best is yet to come! Thank you deeply.

John Mariotti

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