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Sunday Story…Show Up

Sunday Story…Show Up

Because you can. Not because you want or need something. Not because you think you might need something in the future. Show up because you can.

I am not talking about just your physical presence. In some respects that is the easy part. You can show up physically and just dial in your presence. I am taking about showing up fully present, intentional about your presence and focused on what is going to ensue.

When you show up, present, focused and intentional, whatever happens after that will be a good thing. You see it is all about the attitude you bring to the task. If your attitude is one of non-intention your results will be unimportant.

Show up because you can with an attitude of presence and intention and something important is going to happen. You will be transformed. Maybe not the caterpillar into a butterfly transformation, maybe just the looking left instead of right transformation but a shift nonetheless. Shift can only happen when you are showing up with intention and presence. Dial it in and you will only get a dial tone…the long boring monotonous sound of nothing happening.

Show up not needing anything now or later but finding everything you need and want…if you bring the right stuff!

John Mariotti

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