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Sunday Story…Space

Sunday Story…Space

The final frontier. In this case the space between where you are and where you want to be is, on one hand, a chasm to be feared, and on the other hand is just another step.

This space is between your reality and your possibility. You get to manage what your perception of that space looks like.

If you believe that space is a yawning chasm you will be paralyzed and stuck in whatever situation you are in right now.

If you believe that space is a mere step you will be self satisfied and just as mired in ennui as if you saw a chasm.

If you want to bridge the space and leap or step into what your possibility is you need to see the space as manageable. A yawning chasm is not manageable. A mere step is not an impediment. This space is going to require you to leap, to manage a focused and sustainable effort, to be persistent and consistent. This space will require you to believe you can cross it. That you can, in fact, get to the other side, that you can get to be who you are as a possibility from where you are as a reality.

If you can’t see your way across, if you don’t understand the map then getting across the space is going to be unmanageable. You need to manage your perception of the space. Too hard and you’re terrified, too easy and you’re bored.

The final frontier isn’t the space; it is your perception of the space. To become your possibility you must see the space in the right way.

John Mariotti

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