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Sunday Story…Success

Sunday Story…Success

Recently Kim McLaughlin from CrossFit Invictus put up a blog post about the three types of success. You can read it here:

This got me to thinking about how we measure success in some other areas of our lives. The work we do in the gym or the box is great. I want you to set a PR. It feels freaking great to lift something you previously thought was impossible. What about your life outside these four walls? I know most of you have one (except maybe me!)

Where are your personal records in your life? Not the size of your bank account or the type of automobile you drive or your zip code? What personal records do you have that you are trying to surpass? Are you trying to be more philanthropic? Get to church more? Volunteer more? How much more? Is there 1 more thing you can do to help this world and the people in it who really need your gifts, skills and talents?

Can I get better? At my job? At my parenting? At my personal growth? At my self-talk? Am I spending some time each day in gratitude? Will you write down where you are kind? I know we are trained from an early age to be self-deprecating but how does that really serve you? I was told…”don’t be too full of yourself.” Really? Who should I be full of? I am not saying you should run around and tell the world what a great person you are (your actions will do that) but you should recognize to yourself the things you do that are good and kind. It’s ok to pat yourself on the back for being a great human.

Do you show up? Do you do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it? Are you consistent in your approach to your life and the people around you? Can I count on you to be consistent? We all know people who are not. We are never sure who is going to show up from one day to the next. At least with certain people we know who they are…we don’t like it, we don’t enjoy that person but we know who they are…we can count on them to lie, cheat and steal. There is a consistency there. Will you be consistent…can I count on your word, can I count on you to be the person you say you are? Am I who you think I am? Am I that guy day in and day out? This is a consistency to be admired and celebrated. I want to hang out with people like that.

Your life should be a celebration of person bests. Your life should be one of constant and never ending improvement…if you aren’t growing, you are dying. Your life should be consistent and congruent. You are walking your talk.

The beautiful thing about being human where we are right now is You Can Change. If you look at yourself and see something you don’t like, we can change. We can do better more often.

Life is like a burpee…you can’t fail as long as you keep getting up off the floor.

John Mariotti
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