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Sunday Story…The 3 Cs

Sunday Story…The 3 C’s

You have probably seen this before:

If you want to make a shift these are the 3 things you must do.

First Choose to do something. Make a decision to do something. Until you decide to actually do something whatever It is lies in the realm of good ideas. Move it out of a good idea and into the beginnings of reality by Choosing.

Second, take a Chance. You decided, now step off the edge. Take a shot at it. If it doesn’t work you can always go back to doing what you did before. If it backfires you will have learned at least one way it won’t work. No failure just lessons to be learned. Again, reality dictates that we don’t know exactly what will work so we must experiment.

Third, Change yourself, change your paradigm. Once you are doing things differently there is no reason to go back is there? Once you decided to get fit will you decide to be less fit? Once you decided to be more conscious about your dietary habit, are you going to go back to eating calorie rich and pathetic (crap) food?

So…Choose to take a Chance to Change. You can always go back (but you won’t want to!)

Thanks to Michele Rodgers for this week’s inspiration!

John Mariotti

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