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Sunday Story…The Space

Sunday Story…The space


Where you are and where you want to be can be vast. It could be a chasm and look completely impassable. It could be a challenge and look like something that may inspire you to do more, be better.

You get to decide what that space becomes. Will you use it to pull you forward? Can it be a launching pad to do greater things? Will you dance with the fear of falling in the gap?

Or will you look over the edge into the abyss and walk away…over matched and under-inspired.

The choice is yours. This space isn’t just one thing or in one place. It keeps showing up to challenge your resolve. It keeps appearing to test your will.

How you look at that space is everything. Victory or defeat isn’t in what happens in that space, it is your attitude when you survey the landscape. Will you be defeated before you begin? Will you win before you finish?

The key is to determine how you will deal with the space before you know it is even there. Attitude is everything.

John Mariotti

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