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Sunday Story…The Whole Enchilada

Sunday Story…The Whole Enchilada

I love to cook. I hate to do dishes. But I can’t have one without the other.

If you are going to cook you need to be ready to clean up. If you are going to write you need to be ready to edit. If you are going to start a new workout regimen you need to take care of your nutrition as well.

You can’t just do the “fun” stuff or the stuff you like. You have to do the hard stuff, the stuff that isn’t fun, the stuff that forces you to really dig deep. You need to warm up before you work. You need to cool down when you’re done. If you only do half the work you only get half the results. This is true throughout your life.

Your relationship isn’t a honeymoon week for 50 years.
Your workout/diet regimen requires discipline as well as fun.
Your career is going to have setbacks as you move forward.

It is in the grind, the tedium, the day to day that real change happens. It may be imperceptible to you on a day to day basis but after 100 days? Shift will happen.

Do it all. Especially the things you don’t want to do. You’ll be glad you did.

John Mariotti

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