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Sunday Story…This morning

Sunday Story…This morning

I woke and jumped out of bed and said,”today’s the day I am going to be stunningly mediocre. Yep I am going to be just as average as average can be.” Said no one ever, I hope.

So why are we all so enamored of the race to the bottom? After all, what is so special about racing to be the cheapest guy on the block? I can understand having a low price you can live with and make a living but I can’t understand being proud of mediocrity. Yet I see it every day.

What I want to see is outstanding customer service, a product to be proud of, and a price that feels fair. In return you will receive my gratitude, repeat business and referrals as often as I can give them.

Are you living your life as a race to the bottom? Or are you trying to live a life we all look at and emulate, ask other people to watch, and amaze us with your dedication and commitment. Are you trying to be average or trying to be excellent.

When you get up what do you say to yourself? I’m tired, I’m cranky, and I hurt? Or do you get up and say it is a great day to be alive? I am so fortunate to be alive today and have all the opportunities life has afforded me?

You aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. You have today; don’t spend it feeding off the bottom.

John Mariotti

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