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Sunday Story…Turn on your Drive

Sunday Story…Turn on your Drive

We only have a brief moment or two here on this planet. As I write this my life, your life is flowing away. My body is decaying. We know not where we may end up over the next few years but we know for certain were we will be when it is all over. All my physical apparitions are like a river flowing to the sea. My spirit is as insubstantial as the air and slips through time like sand in an hourglass.

Keep your spirit free of harm and the ravages of disrespect. Keep your body healthy and fit. Move through the world daily with purpose and focus, staying true to your overarching philosophy.

Get focused on what’s important to you and stay focused. Do not waver. Do not take your eyes off the prize. Do not allow the klaxons and distractions of modern life to pull you away from your purpose. You were sent here for a purpose. Find it and follow it like your life depends on it. You can float through this life like some debris on the water but that’s not why you are here. Find your purpose and fulfill it.

If getting up in the morning shows up as a chore, a task to be fulfilled…Turn on your Drive!
If you are just plodding through another day…Turn on your Drive!

Turn on your Drive and keep it turned on!

John Mariotti

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