Sunday Story…With a little help

From my friends. Last night I happened to be listening to Joe Cocker’s version of The Beatles song, “With a little help from my friends.” I realized that I probably don’t express my gratitude often enough to all of you…my friends.

Without you no one would be reading this. And, honestly I wouldn’t be writing it so diligently (almost every week for almost 9 years). So thank you for reading.

Without you I would not have people to train. So thank you for showing up, doing the work and being willing to transform yourself.

Without you there would be no funds to fuel our passion for focus and transformation. So thank you for believing in what we are doing here at CrossFit Odyssey.

Without you there would be no inspiration to continue the fight when darkness descends. So thank you for fighting your own battles and showing the rest of us the way to do it with grace and dignity.

Without you there would be no fun or laughter in this quest. So thank you for reminding me that if it isn’t fun it isn’t worth doing.

Without you there is no me. So thank you, my friends.

John Mariotti