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Sunday Story…You are Born

Sunday Story…You are Born

With 2 fears…the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. That’s it…just those 2 fears and no others.

Every other fear you either made up, decided it served you in some way, or had some well-meaning person in authority put it on you. Your environment or your culture (society) taught you those fears were supposed to be there. Some fears are pretty reasonable…look both ways before you cross the street, you don’t want to get hit by a car. Reasonable fear, easy to understand and easy to defeat…just look both ways for crying out loud. Fear of speaking in public…pretty unreasonable because that isn’t really the fear at the base…it’s fear of other people’s opinion of you, fear of looking stupid, fear of making a mistake…all of which you are making up in your head. None of those fears actually have consequences. Not looking both ways…consequences.

People don’t like you? Oh well. Other people’s opinions (good and bad) of you aren’t your business. You made a mistake? Learn something and move on. Mistakes are how we learn. You look stupid? All in your head. You look the way you look, you said what you said and any judgment around those things is just an opinion (see #1).

Stop making up fears. They only serve to impede your progress toward the goals, dreams, and destiny you have in front of you. Look both ways and cross the damn street!

John Mariotti

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