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Sunday Story

CrossFit Fundraiser for Beth

One of the things I love about CrossFit is how it helps people deal with life’s challenges. I have watched it again and again as they stare at the floor and I can see their struggles on their faces. We all have a story, and

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Sunday Story…Right or Connected?

All in or all out. Take it or leave it. If you aren’t with us you’re against us. The cancel culture. I get it. There are times that call for action, not talk. There are things that are so egregious that they cry out for

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Sunday Story…You, Me and Corona make 3

Sunday Story…You, Me and Corona make Three Crisis often masquerades as an opportunity. A crisis requires us to re-think and re-assess how and why we do things and in that examination lays the seeds for new ways of doing things, for different ways of looking

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Sunday Story…Not so action figures

Sunday Story…Not so action figures When I was growing up I had a whole army of little green army guys…standing, kneeling, prone…with lots of different implements in their hands. Naturally, my brothers and I fought imaginary battle after battle. But those little figures were just

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Sunday Story…Perfect

Sunday Story…Perfect Doesn’t exist. Yet many of us think we can be perfect. Or that we can do the thing perfectly. You can use a tool; to make what appears to be a perfect circle…maybe put a coin down and trace it. But when you

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Sunday Story…Hard Work Beats Talent

Sunday Story…Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent doesn’t work hard. It takes work to develop a skill. It takes a dedicated, programmed effort to get better at something. I can be born with a talent but I will need to earn a skill. Talent, if

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Sunday Story…The Tyranny of Noise.

Sunday Story…The Tyranny of Noise. We live in a world full of distractions…full of noise. At night the stars are dim and hard to see…too much light. The traffic noise from planes and cars is incessant…too much noise. The barrage of information streaming at us

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Sunday Story…I’m

Sunday Story…I’m Hungry, tired, thirsty, cranky. My father, when one of us boys would say “I’m hungry”, would often respond with, “Hi hungry, my name is John. It’s nice to meet you.” And of course one of us children would get a little flustered and

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Sunday Story…Finish Well

We are often exhorted to “begin with the end in mind”. In other words, if you start you should have some idea or plan about how you are going to finish.Starting a book? What’s your plan to finish? Got a story to tell? How does

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Sunday Story…It’s Magic!

Sunday Story…It’s Magic! Or not. There is a hilarious YouTube video about why you can’t use a cell phone on an airplane. You can watch it here: There are lots of things that appear magic to us…weight loss, fitness, rocketry, bread making, electricity…but they

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