Sunday Story

Sunday Story…You are Born

Sunday Story…You are Born With 2 fears…the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. That’s it…just those 2 fears and no others. Every other fear you either made up, decided it served you in some way, or had some well-meaning person in authority

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Sunday Story…The One Right True

Sunday Story…The One Right True Answer. We all want to find it…the magic pill, the book that will give us all the answers, the one exercise that gives us abs, the perfect diet, the one conversation that will have our kids “get” it. But there

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Sunday Story…Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Sunday Story…Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes We like the familiar, the usual, and the stuff we feel comfortable around. Change is uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and unusual. On the other hand change is inevitable. Without change nothing grows. You can hide from change but that won’t stop the inevitable, things will

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Sunday Story…Sticks and Stones

Sunday Story…Sticks and Stones Will break my bones but words…well words will hurt me in ways that are deep, hard to heal, and often times invisible. My bones will knit together. My bruises will disappear. The blood can be staunched. Words can cut much deeper

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Sunday Story…What? Me, worry?

Sunday Story…What? Me worry? We often relieve ourselves of responsibility with the phrase, “it’s not my problem.” But what if you accepted responsibility for the problem? What if you, your team, your tribe could solve the problem or influence it? When we are faced with

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Sunday Story…Done Me Wrong

Sunday Story…Done Me Wrong We all have stories we tell ourselves about the bad experiences, the poor service, the people who done us wrong. If it happens in a restaurant we raise a hue and cry and complain and try to get some satisfaction. But

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Sunday Story…Why I Compete

Sunday Story…Why I compete Someone asked me recently why do I continue to compete? What drives me? At what point is enough enough? The answer, for me, is simple. I believe if you have gifts, skills, and talents and you don’t use them you are

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Sunday Story…Resolve

Sunday Story…Resolve Promise yourself you will never give up. Resolve is what is missing from our resolutions. Resolve is what is missing from our goals. Resolve is what is needed to accomplish everything…both big and small. We need to promise ourselves we will finish what

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Sunday Story…Fall Down

Sunday Story…Fall Down You often hear it said about certain things…”it’s like riding a bike.” What we mean by this is once learned we just need a little refresher to get back to a previous level of expertise. Easy to do, right? Sure, but what

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Sunday Story…The 3 Cs

Sunday Story…The 3 C’s You have probably seen this before: Choose Chance Change If you want to make a shift these are the 3 things you must do. First Choose to do something. Make a decision to do something. Until you decide to actually do

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