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Sunday Story…Exercise Control part 2

Sunday Story…Exercise Control part 2

Last we started discussing how to achieve success when we are moving to a more healthful relationship with food and eating. Let’s be honest…food isn’t just fuel. Food is all tied up for many of with our emotions and how we relate to our food choices. Food is often like a comfortable pair of slippers we put on in certain situations. Sometimes we are stressed and we eat. We are bored and we eat. We are sick and we eat. Food comforts us, give us nutrition and is all tied up with our various emotional and mental states.

Last week we had tips and ideas to help control the various environments we find in our everyday life. This week is about some of the environments many of us find ourselves in that are out of our direct control. These are the places that make it very difficult to hold to our commitment to healthy eating. Here is what to do:
When Eating Out or Social Dining:
Eat something light before you get there. Don’t arrive hungry.
Eat Low calorie but filling food like crudités vegetables (skip the ranch, thank you).
Eat a very small portion of the food you like
Wait 20 minutes between filling your plate, that way you can make sure you eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach
Drink alcohol in very limited quantity. Have a soda with a squeeze of lime or lemon.
When Eating in a Restaurant:
Order a la carte and order exactly what you want.
Skip the bread on the table…ask for it to be removed if possible. If not possible order a vegetable tray or salad for an appetizer
Share your high calorie dish
If you must eat dessert share it with the other 2 or 3 people at the table
Pack up the food you want to take home before you start. Ask for a doggie bag first and portion the food out you are going to eat now.
Get the sauces and dressings on the side and use your fork to dip before each bite.
At a friend’s house:
Offer to bring food that will serve your needs. Healthy is always welcome at any table.
Keep your portions small and load up your plate with green things
Avoid the snack table. Grazing will not help you…make a plate and sit down and eat it.
At Home:
Find Cookbooks that make healthy eating fun. There are lots of them.
Experiment with different international cuisines…there are many fun choices out there and most of them are not difficult to prepare.
Keep lots of choices on hand to avoid mindless snacking…hard boiled eggs, carrots, and broccoli are all easy to grab and go.
Be mindful about eating…see all of the above ideas.
Allow yourself to indulge once a day…guilt free and with full enjoyment
Eat regularly…don’t save up for the feast

These last two posts about sum up the changes that will help you make long lasting meaningful shifts in your behavior. These changes will make the trek to healthful eating and living much easier and less tedious. Eating healthy does not have to be hard or unpleasant. It can and should be fun and delicious.

Next…exercise and attitude!

John Mariotti

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