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Sunday Story…the Professional

Sunday Story…the Professional

And the amateur are two different animals. A lot has been said about the difference between them. Really, though, the bottom line is that the professional does it because it needs doing and the amateur does it because it is convenient.

This distinction can be made around just about any pursuit. Work, home, relationships, athletics all carry in them the seeds or professionalism. Do you work on your relationship when it is easy and convenient? How about your career? Are you stepping up when it needs to be done, in advance of it being painfully obvious? Are you working on your personal development like your life depended on it (because it does)? How about your spiritual life? Professional or amateur?

Here are some thoughts on the subject.
The professional:
Works because the work needs doing
Does the work even when it is inconvenient, tedious and boring
Looks forward to the work even when he isn’t looking forward to doing it
Slogs thru when everyone else has gone home
Knows the reward is always worth the sacrifice even when the reward is all internal
Is playing for the long game not the short term rewards
Uses his fear as an impetus to action not an impediment
Doesn’t let anything stand between him and getting the work done…early, late, hungry, or tired…he gets it done

You get to decide which you want to be…professional or amateur. Being a professional is not easy but it is a mindset to approach life with…all aspects of your life.

Be professional.

John Mariotti

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