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Sunday Story…The Tyranny of Noise.

Sunday Story…The Tyranny of Noise.

We live in a world full of distractions…full of noise.
At night the stars are dim and hard to see…too much light.
The traffic noise from planes and cars is incessant…too much noise.
The barrage of information streaming at us is never-ending…too many words.
The entertainment choices are myriad…too many to choose from.
We have conceded the liberation of our minds to the tyranny of noise.

When was the last time you were silent? I mean completely and totally silent. How long were you silent…no talking, no communication devices, no books, and no distractions at all? 5 minutes? 10? 20? A day? A week? Let’s be honest with each other…most of us haven’t been completely silent at all for too long. All the noise and distractions act as a comfort, a blanket we cherish so we don’t have to really look inside, really experience the world. What if suddenly you were forced into being silent with no distractions, no media, no phone, no books, nothing…just you and your mind alone, together with nothing to do?

For a lot of people, this is a recipe for madness, the first step into insanity. But what if by being quiet we could hear not only the song but the notes and the rests? What if by closing our eyes we could see? What if by shutting out the distractions more was available to us? What is there to learn by not striving, not constantly battling for more?

Slowing down is a practice. Listening to silence is a practice. Seeing in the dark is a practice. Being mindful is a practice. That means you have to work at it. And as we all know perfect practice makes perfect.

What is possible if we slow down and listen to the rocks move? Try it, you may be surprised!

John Mariotti

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