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Sunday Story…There is

No magic pill. I have said this time and time again. But I was lying. There is a magic pill.

We all want a magic pill. We want that one thing that will make our life look the way we want it to look. A pill to lose weight, to get fit, to subdue our demons. And our modern life is rife with things designed to do just that. We have seen pills to lose weight, curb appetite, or make it so eating fat passes through your system. We have steroids to get bigger muscles, hormone therapies to help your fitness and plastic surgery to get the appearance we want. They invented Prozac and Xanax and others so we can feel better or feel less or feel more of something. There are lots of magic pills out there. They all work to some degree. They all get some result that may or may not be the one you are looking for.

I will be honest with you…if there was a pill that would have me lay down 100 double unders, run a 1:00 400, and get a bodyweight snatch I would be all over it. That pill doesn’t exist in the form we all think of when we think of a magic pill. We want that thing we can take without effort or real motivation and get the results we want. We want simple and easy.

Here is your magic pill: Consistency.

Want to lose weight? You must consistently feed your body good healthy natural food in quantities that will provide fuel for activity but not store fat EVERY DAY. Want to be more fit? Don’t miss any workouts. Want to get stronger, faster, and more flexible? Select a program designed to do that and then don’t miss any workouts. Want to get another college degree? Go to class. Want to earn a black belt? Go to class. A lot.

Daily application of focused consistent effort is the magic pill. It isn’t a once in a while thing, or a when you get around to it thing it is THE THING. THE THING you do every day, rain or shine, sick or well, whether you want to or not. Consistency coupled with hard work, focused effort, and a goal oriented plan will get you where you want to go.

So, the magic pill is now yours to take. So get consistent. Bring a friend and help them with a magic pill as well. You will be glad you did.

And by the way…if you haven’t read this blog by my partner, Ellie McKenzie:

I strongly suggest you do. You have someone in your life that needs you to be a stand for them. Be a stand, be the person that won’t say no and insists on your friend getting up and out.

Be the change!


John Mariotti
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