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Thanks and Extraordinary Things to Come!

So much big stuff is happening at CrossFit Odyssey right now! 

First off, as you may have noticed, we have been making a few changes to the organization of the gym. We want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Lisa Prather, JJ Wynn Jackson and our coach, Lara Norton. These wonderful ladies took time out of their own weekends – two full, long, heavy moving days to be exact – and rearranged everything to look and fit better than ever before. Also, thanks to Doug McMahon for coming down and working on the shelves to make them fit in the spaces. In honor of all of their ingenuity and hard work, we ask that everyone please help us out by putting things back where you found them, cleaning up your DNA and giving them a pat on the back and saying thanks!

We are also implementing a NEW NUTRITION PROGRAM complete with our newest toy, the InBody Bodyfat scanner. Through the use of cutting edge bioelectrical impedance analysis, the InBody allows for accurate and non-invasive body composition testing in less than 30 seconds! InBody offers more accurate results than other “gold standard” methods of body composition analysis at a fraction of the price, time and invasion of personal space. This quick, easy and precise analysis will provide an objective starting point to track your progress as you start, or continue, on your quest to better health and fitness. The scanner will calculate your body weight and give you a rundown of your entire body and where the weight is distributed, the amount of fat vs lean mass, your BMI and your percentage of body fat. It will also keep track of your results over time so that you can see the changes you are making AND it will tell you your basal metabolic rate, which tells you the minimum number of calories you need to sustain life at a resting state. From these numbers, we can accurately tell where to begin your nutrition program. A primary InBody scan is $75 and $45 for every follow-up scan for members (non-members are welcome to use the InBody scanner for $95 for the primary scan and $65 for followups). If you are interested in a nutrition program, the InBody scan is free with the cost of the nutrition program. Programs are listed on our website here: . You do NOT need to be a CrossFitter to be a part of a nutrition program, but it will immensely help your results if you are.

Also, as I am sure you are aware, our fearless leader, John Mariotti will be making his third, and possibly final, trip to compete in The CrossFit Games this August. We have created yet another fun sponsorship t-shirt and we want YOU to be a part of it! We are currently taking orders for sponsorship. If you would like your name or your family name on the shirt the cost is $20 per name. Most people have put something like “The McKenzie Family” or an individual name on the shirt. We are also accepting logos. If you would like your business logo on the shirt, the cost is $200. All monies will go toward sending John (and possibly Ellie) to the Games and paying for the admission, flight, hotel, and other costs incurred. Not to mention, you get to be a part of The CrossFit Games history forever! If you are interested in sponsorship, please email Ellie at and I will get it taken care of. All logos and names must be collected by JULY 15th in order for me to get the t-shirts to us in time to wear them as we watch The CrossFit Games online.

We will also have a HAPPY HOUR on FRIDAY, JULY 20th at Jose on Lovers at 6:30pm to send John off properly with a bunch of crazy drunks cheering him on! Okay it might not be that dramatic and we certainly do not encourage that kind of behavior (ha!) but we would like to send him off with as much love and positivity as a CrossFit community can give – and that’s a lot!



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