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The Magic Pill

If I offered you a magic pill that increased your life expectancy and general health, would you take it? If I told you it would help you fight cancer would you pay for it? If I told you it would help you beat Covid, would you swallow it? If I told you it would keep you from injuring yourself or protect you from dying from injury would you do the work to get it?

Last week I was listening to a podcast with Peter Attia, a physician focused on the applied science of longevity and the host of “The Drive” podcast. According to Dr. Attia, diabetes and heart disease and other illnesses can decrease your life expectancy by up to 2-3 times. However, there is ONE thing that will INCREASE your life expectancy by up to 5-6 times. That one thing is exercise.

Exercise will:

  • IMPROVE CARDIOVASCULAR STRENGTH – that means the strength of that big old heart muscle and the lungs, which will in turn reduce your chances of diabetes, obesity and heart disease – all of which, as mentioned, put you at a higher risk of death. It will also give you a MUCH greater chance fighting off Covid and other viruses and nasty bugs if you get them.
  • REDUCE RISK OF INJURY from falls and other accidents due to improved strength, balance and coordination. It will also give you the strength to catch yourself before you fall!
  • INCREASE BONE DENSITY, reducing risk of osteoperosis and bone injuries.
  • INCREASE VITAMIN D when completed outside. Vitamin D is known to improve immunity and strengthen, heart, bone and muscle health.
  • TEACH YOUR BODY TO RECOVER, which will help you get better quickly if you do succumb to illness or injury. We are literally teaching our bodies how to heal themselves in here!
  • TREAT AND PREVENT DEPRESSION AND OTHER PSYCHOLOGICAL DISEASES. Exercise gives you the ability to get out of your home and into the world and experiance life, nature and other people. Staying indoors and being alone is horrible for your mind, body and spirit.

So what is the real magic pill? Stop taking pills and exercise!! By doing so, you will not only live a longer life, but you can live a better, more fulfilling life! Put in the time and effort necessary to make your body healthy enough that you don’t NEED pills. Eat healthy food (nothing processed) and move your body. A lot!

It may be a hard pill to swallow, but the ones worth taking usually are.

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