CrossFit Odyssey – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Two sets of:

Perform 30 seconds on each side of the following movements:

*Station 1 – russina twists using kb or med bal x 20 total

*Station 2/3 – plank Walk each way

*Station 4/5 – Single-Leg Glute Bridge Hold

*Station 5/6 – Side Plank Hold

*Station 7/8 – Dynamic Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps use a chair or something to put your foot on

Move through this with as little rest between movements as possible. It should take between 12-15 minutes in total.


Metcon (6 Rounds for time)

Every 4 minutes, for 24 minutes (6 sets) for times of:

400 Meter Run

25 Kettlebell Swings

Your goal should be to maintain the same pace and times per set.