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TUESDAY, 4/21/2020

CrossFit Odyssey – CrossFit


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Joints/Tens (No Measure)


Ten of each:

pushups, Back Extensions (supermans), situps, air squats, pull-ups, CORONA At-Home Workouts – SUB LUNGES, BURPEES for Push Presses and Overhead Squats

Warm-up (No Measure)


Couch Stretch x 90 seconds per side

Ankle Dorsiflexion x 90 seconds per side

Russian Baby Makers x 5 @ 3311

Followed by

30 seconds of Side Lying Leg Lifts each leg

30 seconds of Donkey Kicks each leg

30 seconds of Fire Hydrants each leg

30 seconds of Jumping Lunges or Mountain Climbers


Three sets of:

DB or KB Goblet Squat x 8-10 reps @ 30X1

Rest 60 seconds

Supine Ring Rows or DB Rows x 10-12 reps @ 2111

Rest 60 seconds

Nose-to-Wall Handstand Hold or Plank x 30-45 seconds

Rest 60 seconds


Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

Five rounds for time of:

10 Kettlebell Deadlifts

10 Kettlebell Goblet Squats

10 Alternating Reverse Lunges with Goblet Hold

Use the heaviest kettlebell you can handle and note both the weight of the kettlebell and your time in comments

(If no weights, do situps, air squats and lunges)

Rest 5 minutes

For time:

25 Strict Handstand Push-Ups (or feet/knees elevated pushups or L-seated DB presses)

Accessory Work

Two sets for max load of:

120-Foot KB Suitcase Carry each hand

Three sets of:

Feet Elevated Dumbbell Hip Bridges x 12-15 reps

Side Lying Leg Raises x 15 reps per side

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