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Body Image Part 1

As a trainer I hear a lot about bodies, but I hear a whole, whole lot about body image – mostly from women. Body image is defined as the subjective picture or mental image of ones own body.

Let’s break that down some more…“Subjective” means based on or influenced by personal experiences and opinions. That means that MY life experiences influence the way I see myself.

History: At one point in my life I was in a relationship with a man who called me a whale, an elephant, a stupid girl… yeah it was a long time ago. But it beat me down and I thought that he was doing me a favor by being with ugly old me.

Until I decided he was wrong.

More on that later.

Today, my body is not perfect by any means. I have folds (you can see here) and wrinkles and sun spots and grey hair and all the stuff that tells me I have LIVED. And that’s ok.

Because today – I LOVE my body and the person inside. And that shit is priceless.

Stay tuned for more.

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