Extraordinary Athletes

Renee Kingsley ~ January’s Extraordinary Athlete

Renee Kingsley is a lawyer for Sirius FM, and the beautiful wife of our class member, Bill Kingsley, who usually attends the 6:30 pm class. The two of them have come to several happy hours and met lots of you here at CrossFit Odyssey. I

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Liz Hudson ~November’s Extraordinary Athlete

November’s Extraordinary Athlete is Liz Hudson. Liz is mama to her sweet, awesome golden retriever, Max and she usually comes to the 4:30 class. Liz came to us from another CrossFit that closed down due to Covid, so she had a lot of previous CrossFit

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Frank Majorie ~ October’s Extraordinary Athlete

We love to highlight success, but we love to highlight a good comeback even more! October’s athlete has been with us at CrossFit Odyssey since we first opened – until he left us back in 2018 to move to South Lake and live on a

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CrossFit Fundraiser for Beth

One of the things I love about CrossFit is how it helps people deal with life’s challenges. I have watched it again and again as they stare at the floor and I can see their struggles on their faces. We all have a story, and

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August’s Extraordinary Athlete ~ Kimberlee Gromatzky

Every now and then someone walks through our door who really amazes me with their hard work, determination and positive spirit and I want to give them a great big shoutout. This is one of those times! August’s Extraordinary Athlete, Kimberlee Gromatzky, a 68-year-old mom,

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Fall Fitness Challenge WINNER!

Congratulations to Jana Nobles for winning our 2019 Fall Fitness Challenge! I can tell you all that this was a VERY close competition between Jana and Shanna Fowler.  Several other men and women entered, but both of these ladies completed pretty much every single daily

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Extraordinary Gratitude!

TORNADOES AND BABIES ~ So much to be grateful for! So mush BIG NEWS with our gym membersand SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!!!! First off, several people have asked about Doug and Nancy McMahon and the loss of their house in the tornado a

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