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Fall Fitness Challenge WINNER!

Congratulations to Jana Nobles for winning our 2019 Fall Fitness Challenge! I can tell you all that this was a VERY close competition between Jana and Shanna Fowler.  Several other men and women entered, but both of these ladies completed pretty much every single daily challenge, they both completed their daily food logs and workouts and STUCK TO THEIR NUMBERS. They both worked incredibly hard and both lost a lot of weight and inches. And while Jana is raising 5 year old TRIPLETS, Shanna is raising 9 year old TWINS and they both are working moms!

The deciding factor for me was that Jana has been consistently doing this for several months now and she kicked it up another notch for this competition. She had PRed pretty much every major lift by a lot AND she dropped SIX MINUTES off of her 1 mile run!!!!! That is just plain amazing! It also leaves Shanna wide open to run away with it when we begin the NEW YEAR FITNESS CHALLENGE on January 13th. (This date leaves you plenty of time to get the kids back in school and get organized and back to a regular schedule before starting – so NO EXCUSES ANYONE!)

Jana has won a free month of CrossFit as well as the right to challenge anyone in the gym to anything she wants to challenge them to! Haha! I dare you to take her on!

When you don’t have school or a sitter it’s time for Ken and Barbie to CrossFit!


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