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Healthy Through Crisis

A whole lot of us want to go to the gym to look good and feel better about ourselves, but if there is one thing that the year 2020 and the COVID pandemic has taught us, it is that our bodies need to be ready to do battle to protect us from injury and illness. According to reports, the worst cases of COVID-19 have been people with underlying conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, lung disease, and kidney disease – all of which can be drastically improved with diet and exercise.

At CrossFit Odyssey, our average clientele age is around 50 years old. We are right on the edge and inclusive of the age group that is most “at-risk”. However, the folks around here are not the kind of people who sit and wait for life to come after them – they are the kind of people who prepare and take their health into their own hands. That is because, at our age, many of us have already been through a lot.

Here at CrossFit Odyssey I have many clients who have battled cancer, heart attacks, disease and major surgeries, and the ONE thing their doctors always tell them is – I can’t believe how quickly you are healing! That is because what we are doing here at the gym is literally TEACHING your body how to heal. We break the body down again and again and it becomes an expert at healing and recovering.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we are not being reckless and thinking that we are invincible. On the contrary, we are taking all the necessary precautions by keeping distance, sanitizing equipment and opening all the doors, and turning on the fans to disperse air particles into an infinite atmosphere (also called being outside). If you have paid any attention to how this disease is spread, we know that in order to catch the disease you need to be within someone’s contaminated air for a prolonged period of time.

By being outside and using wind and fans we not only disperse the particles but create an environment where the particles are unable to accumulate to an amount that “should” make you sick. By putting a barbell in your hands I can ensure that you are not getting within 6 feet of anyone! And no – you do not have to use a barbell here, but they are really fun and empowering when you are ready to try one!

So if you are ready to take your health into your own hands and get your body strong enough to fight whatever life throws at you – Covid, Cancer, or even just falling and hurting yourself – come see us. Life is already too short to spend it hiding away waiting for the grim reaper. This is your chance for your soul to reconnect with nature, the Earth, your community (safely), and your sanity while you look and feel better at the same time!

If getting around people is too much for you, we also offer in-person and online personal training and Zoom classes. Or – just go outside and walk or run! Take charge now and fight the good fight!

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