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How Is 2022 Going for You?

OK so here we are today and one-twelfth of the year has just passed and what have we accomplished that we said we would accomplish? Look, I get it. January is stupid. The first week many of us are still out of town and going to parties. The second week we are getting back into the routine of life, getting kids back in school, and getting organized. Football playoffs are happening and the Superbowl is coming and work has ramped back up and the kids have stuff going on in school and sports and we need to plan our next vacation and then there’s Valentine’s Day… it’s a lot.

But remember how we said we wanted to get some stuff done this year? Did we make our three lists?

  • The Mundane – stuff you’ve been putting off – doctors appointments, new water heater, lowering cholesterol
  • The Extraordinary – The Bucketlist – Kilamanjaro, Skydiving, Competing in a race or The CrossFit Games
  • The Nuts and Bolts – The steps I need to take to get these things done.

Have we started working on the Nuts and Bolts?

And yes, things change and sometimes those aspirations fall apart due to circumstances outside of our control. But then we reassess and figure out what we CAN get done. Today is a great day to for that.

For me, this is the year of the doctors. Yuck, right? But I know I’m overdue on some things and I want to dial in my health before it gets out of my hands. So far this year I got my colonoscopy (yay me! and it wasn’t nearly as awful or difficult as I thought it would be!) and I have made appointments with other doctors I need to see. I have also started looking for outfitters for Kilamanjaro and picking a date to go. It’s looking like September is prime climbing time – and that’s a perfect gift to myself for my birthday and I have plenty of time to prepare.

So today I invite you to make a list of what you have accomplished and what you still need to get done to have the amazing year to want this to be. You can do this! And if you need help with fitness, diet or even just organization or accountability give me a call or a text and I will help you do what you need to do.

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