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New Year’s Fitness Challenge 2021

Fitness Challenges 2021

We just finished our Holiday Fitness Challenge and among our challenge accepters, we lost several pounds, lost several inches, gained strength and confidence, and had some fun to boot! Now that the holidays are over we have two weeks to get back into the routine of life – kids back in school, ourselves back to work, and allow life to slow down a little bit. The next challenge starts on Monday, January 18th. If you are interested in a challenge to get you back on track in 2021, we have two options for you!

OPTION 1 – 8 Weeks of Fitness and Nutrition Begins on January 18th. This will be IN-DEPTH nutrition and will involve food logging and exercise for 8 weeks straight. During this time I will teach you as much as possible about nutrition and how it works in YOUR body and how to get YOUR food to work for you. REGISTER HERE

OPTION 2 – 21 Days of Fitness, Nutrition and Mindfulness Begins on January 18th. This is for the person who doesn’t want to get quite as in-depth with the nutrition side of things, but needs daily accountability. This will have daily workouts, daily nutrition challenges to teach you the BASICS of a healthier lifestyle and mindfulness tasks to change your thinking habits and put you in the mindset to have the most productive and fulfilling life you can have right now.​​​​​​​ REGISTER HERE

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