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Sunday Story…Fitness

Sunday Story…Fitness

One of the greatest gifts CrossFit has given to the Fitness industry is an actual definition of fitness. That definition is measurable, observable, and repeatable…it isn’t just the state of being “fit”. Move a load over a certain distance…then do it again and move more weight faster, further. We all know this by now.

But physical fitness is only one aspect of your fitness. What about your mental/intellectual fitness? What about your spiritual fitness? What about your relationship fitness?

How will define those? How will you know you are more fit in those areas? Have you ever even thought about what it would take? After all, we all know if I lose weight, lift more, run faster, look better naked I am more physically fit.

How will I know my intellectual fitness is improving? Am I reading more? Am I doing things that will expand my thinking? Or am I closing myself in…only reading and thinking the things I already know? What am I learning new this week?

Your spiritual fitness? What did you do every day to connect with spirit? What practices are you using? How can you improve those practices?

Are you finding new relationship tools to improve All of your relationships…with your significant other, your kids, and your colleagues?

Just like your physical fitness, you ignore these other areas at your own peril. As we grow and age we can grow and improve or we can begin that long slow trek into a closed off and dark corner until the light goes out.

If you aren’t growing you’re dying.
John Mariotti
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