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Sunday Story…Perfect

Sunday Story…Perfect

Doesn’t exist. Yet many of us think we can be perfect. Or that we can do the thing perfectly. You can use a tool; to make what appears to be a perfect circle…maybe put a coin down and trace it. But when you look really closely or increase the magnification you will see that your circle is less than perfect.

But you wanted to create the perfect circle. And you didn’t. And maybe you never will and maybe you can’t…as in it isn’t possible for anyone. Now what? Give up and stop trying to make any circles at all? Too often I see people who are not willing to keep working if they can’t be perfect. They give up, they quit, or they stop working completely. If I can’t be perfect I don’t want to be anything at all.

The path to perfection is paved with the bricks of better. You get better at what you are doing. You get better in increments. In the beginning the increments, the jumps in improvement are large. As you get better, as you improve those increments get smaller, the jumps are less noticeable.

Here is the startling thing about that…those tiny increments, those tiny improvements are every bit as satisfying as the massive jumps are! Because they don’t show up as often they may actually be cause for more celebration.

Want to be perfect? Practice at being better! Better is better than perfect any day because you can be better, you can’t be perfect it doesn’t exist.

John Mariotti

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