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Sunday Story…The Comfort Paradox

I rarely do this but the other day I read something that just hit home. It came from Ross Harkness on Instagram. Here it is: 

The Comfort Paradox

The more you lean into comfort, the worse you feel.

The more you lean into discomfort, the better you feel.

So that thing you know you need to do? Do it.

Do it when you’re tired. Do it when you don’t want to. Do it when it’s raining. Do it when it’s cold. Do it when everyone’s against you. Do it when nobody believes in you. Do it when you feel lost. Do it when you have every excuse not to.

Because even if the world is conspiring against you, as long as you do what you know you need to do, you can go to bed knowing you shouldered responsibility, met your standards, and that you gave the world all you could.

Make yourself proud.

Lean into discomfort and do the thing.

–Ross Harkness

It has been said that if you want a hard life, do the easy things But if you want an easy life do the hard things. This is the paradox. Comfort leads to dis-ease. Sitting and doing little or nothing will result in a body unable to move properly. It’s easy to sit around and do nothing but the penalty will be a life of pain and dis-comfort.

On the other hand, showing up and working hard in the gym is uncomfortable. But it may mean that you are mobile and vital in your later years. Discomfort leads to ease.

Embrace the paradox. Then go to the gym!

John Mariotti

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