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Write Your Story

What will your story be?

2014 After back surgery

You are the ultimate writer of your story. Not fate, not luck and certainly not anyone else. You decide the ultimate outcome.

Life happens – to all of us. Back in 2014 I was sent to the hospital with an epidural abscess, an infection on my spine which was a fraction of a millimeter away from paralyzing me and possibly killing me. I was newly divorced with 3 kids and a new business and no insurance and I was terrified. But in the end I survived. What I learned was to be grateful for every moment we have because it can all be taken away at any moment.

But I could have said “Why me, poor me?” I could have been resentful and angry. I could have been distraught about my health and my hospital bills. I could have quit. I could have said, I can’t anymore.

But I remembered what one of my girl friends had said to me once ~ Everybody has a Story. She had just lost her husband to skin cancer and she was crying to her doctor, wondering, “Why me, why him, why us?” The doctor told her those words, “Everybody has a Story” and she realized she was not the only one going through this hard time life had to offer. Since then I have seen it again and again. I have clients who have survived horrible car wrecks that told them they would never walk again, illnesses that told them they may never be able to workout again, heart attacks, cancer and death. I even have a coach who completely turned his life around after being addicted to heroin and spending 10 years in prison. Now he has devoted his life to fitness and helping others turn their lives around free of addiction.

2018 May – After tearing my shoulder muscle.

Life WILL throw you curve balls. What will you do with them? Will you turn it into your own personal “Rocky Story” and be “The Comeback Kid”? Or will you be the victim? The person who was beaten down by everything life has thrown at them.

Here is a Challenge for you: Sit down right now and write your perfect day. Where will you wake up? What does the space around you look like? Are you in a house or high rise or cabana on the beach? What are the smells and what do you see? What do you do all day and what fills your passion? Who surrounds you and how do you interact? Be as detailed as you can possibly be and when you are done start thinking about a plan for how you achieve that perfect day.

Write your story.

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