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Allan Brown – October’s Extraordinary Athlete


October’s Extraordinary athlete is Allan Brown. Allan works out at the 4:30 or 5:30pm and he is the father of two beautiful girls and husband to his beautiful wife, Karen. Allan just turned 50 years old this month 244169_1815389386033_6519359_obut you would never know it by watching him in the gym. He is very deliberate and focused in the gym. He doesn’t talk a whole lot, just comes in and gets his work done and leaves.

Allan came to us in pretty good shape as he has been doing CrossFit for a few years now. He started at another box in Plano. He has a history of good health beginning in the Infantry Division of the Army National Guard. In September when we were PRing our lifts Allan had some great numbers and lifted more than he had in years. His back squat was 320 lbs and his dead lift was 340 lbs! Last week on his 50th birthday he PRed his weighted pull-up at 110 lbs… and he beat everyone in the entire box winning the box record!

IMG_5297CrossFit has been revolutionary at demonstrating the ability for masters athletes to get better. Working functional movement and using proper form has extended the life of masters athletes immensely, and we really don’t even know how much better it will get. Athletes who once thought their athletic careers were over or who thought they could never get back in shape are being proven wrong daily. Allan is a great example of how we can always get better and work on feeling good and being healthy.

Congratulations Allan… you have some big shoes to fill and we all await your quotes of fabulousness!


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