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Amy Peck – August’s Extraordinary Athlete

2014-9-20 One Year Celebration 331

August’s Extraordinary Athlete is Amy Peck. Amy is a Yale graduate, the mother of two boys, Oliver and Colin, and the wife of Kevin Peck as well as an extraordinary volunteer. She has been coming to CrossFit Odyssey for a little over a year now and she has made some incredible strides in her health! Before she joined us she was playing tennis and wanted to improve her game and her overall health. Amy’s goal has never been to lose weight, but instead to get healthy and gain strength, and she has done that incredibly well!IMG_1792

When Amy first started with us running was incredibly difficult and she could barely squat any weight at all. She has now progressed to the heavy kettlebells and dumbells and she is back squatting 165lbs in her 5×5! That means that her 1 rep max is probably somewhere around 200lbs!!! She has also become much better at running, burpees and all of the other fun stuff we do in here. To top it all off, her tennis coach said her swing has improved immensely!

IMG_2556As remarkably strong as Amy has become, the one thing that makes Amy stand out as an Extraordinary Athlete more than anything is her attitude. As some of you know, her house has become innundated with mold due to the flooding last spring and they are having to go through an exhausting process to get rid of it all. But you would never know it because she is always all smiles. She walks in the door with a huge smile on her face every day and she is ready to work hard. When she approaches a workout she gets excited to take it on – you will rarely hear her complain that it looks too hard for her. She also encourages everyone else to be their best. “Use a bigger weight!” “Come on, let’s go faster, you can do this!” These are common remarks you will hear from her. Her spirit and determination literally shine, motivates others and sets a great example of what an Extraordinary Athlete truly is!IMG_2565

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