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Eric and Julie Beichler

Poor, poor Eric and Julie Beichler have been with us for a very, very long time, but neither of them has ever been Extraordinary Athlete of the month and this is why: I have been SAVING them for my Valentines Extraordinary Couple!!! Remember that Sunday Story about doing the hard stuff now and reaping the rewards later? Well this is a little bit like that – they had to wait to be not only Extraordinary Athletes on their own, but also an extraordinary couple. And to make it even sweeter, it’s their anniversary!!

Like I said, Julie and Eric have been with us at CrossFit Odyssey from the very beginning and they have both become wonderful friends of ours. As a commercial realtor Eric even helped us find this wonderful new location. They have both been through a lot of ups and downs since they have been here. Eric had back surgery about a month before he joined us and he went back to working out hard a little bit too quickly (despite our warnings!) and had to have yet another back surgery. Julie also had a back issue and had to have a back surgery.

That said, these are two of the strongest, fittest and most aggressive athletes in our gym. Eric adamantly trained for and entered the CrossFit Open last year. Unfortunately, he was trying to fit in his workout on a busy day and he didn’t warm up for the workout and pulled his adductor (inside of his thigh) doing overhead lunges. He still placed in the top 5% of all men in his age bracket. Had he not been injured he very likely would have made the Master’s Qualifiers. Julie, on the other hand, is a tiny little fire cracker! Her weight lifting may not be super heavy compared to many, but considering she is only about 98lbs it is quite significant! Julie used to be a physical therapist and she understands the importance of form. She takes her time with     weight lifting and concentrates on the movement during the strength and skill portion and if the workout is bodyweight movements there is almost no one in the gym who can beat her. As a former gymnast her pullups, pushups, burpees, toes-to-bar and other bodyweight movements are impeccable!

Most of all Julie and Eric exemplify the spirit of CrossFit. They are steady with their workout routines, they are always trying to learn something new and better themselves, and finally they are always friendly, supportive and welcoming to newcomers in the gym.

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