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John Kerr ~ Living the Dream

This is John Kerr.
John has been CrossFitting with us for about 4 years now. He trains to do the things outside of CrossFit that “spark his fire”. Last weekend he competed in The Spartan Race at ATT Stadium and finished 2nd Place in his age group (55-59) and 106th overall out of 564 men! John was ahead at the half way point, then had 30 burpees worth of penalties from missing the spear throw and fell slightly behind. The 3rd place competitor was more than 10 minutes behind them.

John also just competed in The National Speleological Society Rope Climbing Championship in Tennessee where he competed in 5 out of 6 events and won five awards:

  • First place in knots, 120 meters (only competitor this year, goal is to set age group record next year)
  • Second in mechanical, 30 meters
  • Second in mechanical, 120 meters
  • First in sit-stand, 30 meters (lowered his own age group record);
  • First in sit-stand, 120 meters (lowered his age group record from last year, still holds tied World Record for overall in this event).
  • Still holds some younger age group records in sit/stand.

At 57 years old John is still out being active and participating in what “sparks his fire”. What sparks YOUR fire? It is different for each of us. Are you training for a sport or to keep up with your children or to be able to walk around Europe and see the sights? No matter what your goal is CrossFit can help you live the Dream life you want to live!

Congratulations John on your Journey to Extraordinary!!

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