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Kirk Harrell – May’s Extraordinary Athlete

kirk and girls





May’s Extraordinary Athlete is one we have all been waiting to see here – Kirk Harrell. Now, Kirk really doesn’t like a lot of attention and he didn’t really want to be on social media until he felt like he really deserved it. But it is time. It’s time to recognize this athlete for everything he has accomplished in the past year.2014-5-1 077

Kirk has been with us at CrossFit Odyssey for over a year. When he began he could barely do a situp, pushup or squat at all, much less several for time. He started slowly. His WODs were scaled way back and he worked on his form and just getting through the workout without quitting. He showed up, did the work, chatted with friends and left quietly.

Last fall Kirk’s dad came with him and watched him complete a workout. He was so proud of Kirk and you could tell that Kirk was really proud of himself. Soon after that he came to us and said that he was ready to make another big change – his diet. He started logging his food around the beginning of the New Year and working hard at eliminating the fluff and focusing on the good stuff – the stuff that nourishes us and gives us the strength to push through a hard workout. Since then Kirk has lost well over 20 lbs. He is a shadow of his former self. And most importantly he is really pushing himself in his workouts and getting stronger and healthier – even though he hurt his knee pretty bad skiing over spring break.

Kirk at Memorial Day Murph 2014 - 1/2 Murph completed in 38 minutes.    Kirk at Memorial Day Murph 2014 – 1/2 Murph completed in 38 minutes.
2015-5-25 048
Kirk at Memorial Day Murph 2015 – Full WOD completed in 51:05!!

In fact, last year Kirk came for Memorial Day Murph, but he only did half of it. He finished in 38 minutes. This year he did the whole thing and finished in 51 minutes. That is a HUGE change! Not just physically, but mentally he had to discover that he could do it and emotionally he had to care enough to do it.

Kirk is well on his way to being the fit, strong, and healthy father, husband, and human he can be. He is an example to all of us of what you can do when you set a goal, stay focused on the goal, and show up and do the work.

2014-5-1 077     2014-6-15- fathers day 200     2015-3-17 185     2014-6-15- fathers day 219

We are so proud that we are rewarding you as the winner of The Big Magilla New Year’s Challenge! You will receive 2 FREE luxurious nights at The Harbor on Possum Kingdom Lake! Congratulations again! Congratulations Kirk. You are an Extraordinary Athlete. We are proud to be your coaches!

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