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MONDAY, 6/15/2020

CrossFit Odyssey – CrossFit

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Joints/Tens (No Measure)


Ten of each:

pushups, Back Extensions (supermans), situps, air squats, pull-ups, CORONA At-Home Workouts – SUB LUNGES, BURPEES for Push Presses and Overhead Squats

Core #8 (No Measure)

2 sets of:

Standing Side Leg Lifts on Wall x 15/30/45 reps

Supine Piked Crunches x 10/20/30 reps

Hollow Body Lean on Wall x 15/30/45 seconds

Wall Slides x 10/20/30 reps

Support Hold or Swings on Chairs x 15/30/45 seconds

Warm-up (No Measure)

Banded Good Mornings x 20 reps

Bird Dogs x 20 reps

Wall Climbs x 2-3



Barbell Complex Warm-Up


Turkish Get-Ups x 6-8 each side

(partition as you see fit)


Hang Clean and Jerk (8 x (1+1))


Every 2 minutes, for 16 minutes (8 sets) of:

Clean from 2″ Below the Knee + Jerk

(pause for 2 seconds at 2″ below the knee, and clean from the position, followed by a jerk)

Start around 60-65% of your 1-RM Clean & Jerk and build over the course of the 8 sets to something heavy for today.


Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (3 sets of each):

Station 1 – Russian Kettlebell Swings x 25 reps

Station 2 – Ab-Wheel Rollouts x 10 reps @ 3111

Station 3 – Side Plank x 45 seconds each side


Metcon (Time)

For time:

40/30 Calories of Assault Bike

40 Burpee Pull-Ups

(pull-up bar 6-10″ above standing reach)

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