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Sunday Story…Fitter

Sunday Story…Fitter

Than yesterday, last week, last year. Way back when we were young most of our peers were relatively fit. Granted some of them were much fitter but fit was more the norm than not. We could run and jump and play games and do what we wanted to do with our bodies.

The maxim “use it or lose it” was in operation though and over the years everyone’s fitness changed and, generally, not for the better. Now when I look around at my peers it is painfully obvious who has been using it and who hasn’t.

Fitness is simple…move a load a distance. More fit equals moving larger loads further distances. Getting off the floor is moving a load a certain distance. Picking a box off the floor and putting it on a shelf is the same thing. How do you get more fit? Practice moving things faster and further. It really is that simple.

Your health is closely tied to your fitness. We all marvel at the octogenarian who still moves and operates like she is fifty. And we all mourn when we see a fifty-year-old moving like he’s eighty. The longer we live the bigger the gap we find between fit and unfit, between healthy and unhealthy.

Being fit takes commitment, work, and tenacity. You have to show up, grind out your work with intention and intensity, and realize that maintenance over the years is actually progress.

Be fit. It beats the pants off of anything else.

John Mariotti

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