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Sunday Story…Hello, Good Bye

Sunday Story…Hello, Good Bye

Say Hello to the person you could’ve been. Say Good Bye to the person you are.

Think about it…How would you feel, if, upon your deathbed, if someone sat down, clasped your hand and waited for you to open your tired, dying eyes? When you look up you see a face that looks vaguely familiar. You feel a presence you recognize deep in the recesses of your being. But you can’t quite place it. The person is you but not you. This is the person you could have become.

This is the person who took full responsibility for their life.
This is the person who was willing to take everything personally.
This is the person who realized every dream.
This is the person who took the chance, made the effort to write every book, sing every song, paint every picture, build every castle, and create every beauty they were supposed to.
This is the person who lived the way you always knew you could but didn’t.
This is the person who loved as deeply and as often as humanely possible.
This is the person who did every kindness and never missed an opportunity to smile.
This is the person who lived life full out, took every chance, and did all the things you said “someday” to.
This is the person who lived your dreams.
This is the person who waited for you to do all of these things.

Meeting this person is one definition of hell. If you are lucky you will only meet them on your death bed. How about now? How would you feel if tomorrow at coffee a strangely familiar person sat down and greeted you with a frown and a subtle shake of their head, saying “When did you give up?”

You can stop giving up. You are that person. It isn’t too late to take your life personally. There is still time to meet the person you could’ve been and greet them warmly as your twin.

John Mariotti
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