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Sunday Story…Independence Day

Sunday Story…Independence Day

When I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to be free…free from my parents rules and restrictions. I would be able to do what I wanted when I wanted how I wanted. It was going to be a beautiful thing. Most of you know how that turned out!

Later in life, I thought if I just made X amount of money I would be free. Free from worry, free from the day to day restrictions that not having money put upon me. Unfortunately that didn’t happen either. That amount of money came with its own rules and restrictions.

Maybe over the years you have thought that if you just got X or did Y or married so and so all your troubles would be over and Easy street would be your address. Bad news Bunkie…none of those things are ever going to set you free.

Maybe Freedom isn’t possible. Maybe freedom is a lie we are told to keep us striving and efforting toward some unattainable goal. Independence may be a brass ring set just out of our reach to keep us from looking more deeply at our plight.

What if you are now, and have always been free? I can hear you…but the bills need to be paid, the lawn mowed, and the baby changed. How can I possibly be free?

It’s simple, really. Freedom is a choice. Freedom is an attitude. I chose the things that put me here. I chose to create those bills, paying them is a joy because I am enjoying all the things those bills bought. The lawn needs mowing because my grass is green and growing and it is in front of my home that I chose to live in. The baby I joyfully change because that small human is a part of my life I would be never be without.

Your attitude determines your level of freedom. When you pay your bills, do it with gratitude and love. When you do your household chores, smile at your good fortune to have a household to do chores for. And that diaper? It’s sign of health and love.

Find freedom today, right where you are, right now. Freedom is about your state of mind. Freedom is present right now in the choices you are making now. Freedom is yours for the taking. The prison is in your mind.

John Mariotti

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