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Sunday Story…ISM and IST

Sunday Story…Ism and Ist

We all have things we try to avoid…those things we don’t like. We hate _____(fill in the blank) about people. We hate when _____(fill in the blank) happens or so and so does that thing they do.

Some of these things are universal. People who do their best to “weasel” out of agreements, who set things up to be mis-interpreted so they can re-interpret in their favor, who are just generally slimy about their word and vision of reality.

Disliking someone or some group of people for a trait over which they have no control is not OK. In general I think most of us would agree with that. It is often an –ism…Racism, Sexism, Ageism. Hating a group or a person because of their gender, rac, age or any umber of other traits is a serious problem. We are all human. Some of us are tall, some short, some are pale and some are darker, some younger, some older, and about half of us have different body parts. It doesn’t matter…we are all homo sapiens…we are all part of the human race. One race.

If I don’t like you because you are a weasel you can take that personally. I don’t like your words, your behavior or your actions. It is about you and only you. If I don’t like you because of some trait you can’t control that is on me. That is MY problem…in that case I am the weasel.

If you don’t like –ism don’t be a -ist

John Mariotti

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