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Sunday Story…It is Time

Sunday Story…It is Time

Every major religion or philosophical school of thought carries one similar tenet: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. We call this the golden rule. It is a simple maxim and a very useful guide for my behavior with other people.

I am ashamed. I am ashamed by our inhumanity to man. I am ashamed that we have taken to separating ourselves from our brothers and sisters based on religion or belief or geography or language or color. I am ashamed we can’t find the commonalities in our human experience instead of the differences. I am ashamed that we need to inflict harm and death upon our fellows to point out those differences. At this moment I am ashamed to be human.

Imagine waking up and having your world transformed into this:

These pictures are before and after of the carnage in Syria. The market I will go to this afternoon does not look like this. My home is intact. The kitchen I will cook my holiday meals in is a happy cheerful place. My life is not in danger because the country I live is has unraveled over the last 5 years. I am very fortunate. But if I was not so fortunate I would be moving heaven and earth to get my family to safety.

Hundreds of thousands of people are moving around this earth today trying to get to safety, trying to escape death and destruction. This is a tragedy of epic proportion. When I hear rhetoric of isolation and fear and paranoia I feel ashamed to be part of the same human genome that promotes the “golden rule.”

My brother-friend Youssef Kubis is Syrian. We spoke of the civil war in Syria 4 years ago before the rise of Daesh (Isis). It was horrible then. It is worse today. He recently lost his brother and nephew to a missile strike shot by the Syrian government. The politics of this government staying in power is beyond the scope of this essay except to say that 5 years of civil war after 50 years of an oppressive dictator-ship speaks volumes.

In a few weeks Youssef is going to Lesvos, Greece with 2 or 3 friends to help with the refugees that are pouring into that small island which is being devastated trying to handle a huge influx of people fleeing war and destruction. He and his friends are flying on their own money and spending their own money to stay there and help. I am sorry I can’t join him. I can support his efforts to help feed, clothe, and heal these fellow humans by donating money.

If you can join me in supporting his efforts go here:
If you can’t support Youssef with a monetary donation to ease some human suffering send prayers and intentions and thoughts to all of the people in the world who are displaced at this time. I will dedicate my dance this afternoon to that purpose.

We really need to stop killing each other for not all being the same. It is stupid.

I leave you with this:
My religion is simple, It is kindness.

John Mariotti

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