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Sunday Story…It only takes

Sunday Story…It only takes

A little. Across the street from my office window is a pretty good sized park, not soccer field sized but good sized. As you know it gets hot in the summer here in Texas. And it doesn’t rain much (usually.) So the grass in the park gradually turns from verdant green to a yellow shade of straw. The longer it stays dry the yellower the grass gets.

This year it rained in August. And not just a spit or a sprinkle but real rain for an hour or two…gully washers I believe is the term. As the rain came the grass began to green up magically. The more it rained the greener the grass got. Today, as I look across the street the park looks like it did in the spring…green and lush.

My point is simple. You need to water your grass to keep it green. When we stop working out things go downhill. When we stop learning and growing we start dying, like the grass in the park. On the other hand it really doesn’t take much effort to have that grass start to green up. Your body, your brain, and your soul don’t require a ton of attention (although they will welcome it) but they require some effort to stay fresh and green and growing.

Water the lawn. Now.

John Mariotti
PS. Thanks Natalie L.!

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