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Sunday Story…No Crap Reps

Sunday Story…No crap reps

When I am doing an exercise my mantra is to do it as perfectly as humanly possible. Not to the best of my ability but the best that it can be done. This is not always possible but that does not stop me from trying to get it done that way. I do not want to do any “crap reps”. I want every movement to exemplify the standard of movement so when you see it you say …”that is how it should be done.”

The gym or the box or the dojo is a microcosm of life and the world. We are there to learn about ourselves and how we will perform and live in the greater world. If I can’t perform the movement to perfection, can I perform it to the absolute best of my ability and can I improve that range of motion every time I do it? This is also true in the rest of your life? Are you doing “crap reps” in some place in your life?

Are you doing each thing in your life to the full range of motion and meeting the standards of movement…in your relationships?…on your job?…in your parenting?…in your interactions with other humans? Are you meeting your own standards if you can’t meet a greater one? Are you improving all the time in those places? Are you willing to deeply look into where you aren’t and why not? Are you going to do the work it is going to take to make the changes to do so? Are you going to call yourself out for not performing to standard…are you going to “no-rep” yourself in some part of your life?

I am. I have recently been “no-repped” around some parts of my life and getting “no-repped” sucks. I have been excoriated for not walking my talk in a number of areas of my life. That I had compartmentalized pieces of myself and if I was going to really be all I could be I needed to bring myself into complete integrity. This is the inquiry I am currently in. I am reviewing some internal tapes of my life and will be making some shifts in order to bring my standards up to the required range of motion. It is going to hurt, it is going to be unpleasant but in the end it will be worth it.

Many thanks to the person who called me for my “crap reps”…you know who you are. Even though I didn’t want to hear it, I heard you and I am on it.

Look around your life and don’t let “crap reps” pollute your life either. Someone is watching.

John Mariotti

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