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Sunday Story…NOW VS LATER

Sunday Story…NOW VS LATER

It doesn’t taste as good as fit feels…NOW. Unfortunately this isn’t true. It tastes good NOW. Fit will feel good LATER.

This is, regrettably, is the real problem with lots of delayed gratification decisions we make. We know that getting fit, or losing the weight, or buying life insurance is going to be of great benefit LATER. But LATER is well, LATER and that just isn’t as much fun as NOW is.

Eating that box of thin mints is good NOW. Spending the money on me is good NOW, providing for my loved ones when I die (LATER) is hard to imagine. Kicking my ass in gym so I will look really good in my swimsuit (LATER) isn’t as much fun as sitting on the couch and watching TV NOW.

NOW always looks like more fun than LATER. NOW is always easier to feel than LATER. But LATER is way more fun when it becomes NOW and you are getting both what you worked for and what you want NOW. In this way LATER always defeats NOW.

The problem is getting you to feel and understand and realize deep in your being how much better LATER is going to be especially when compared to the fleeting pleasure of NOW.

Engage your future mind NOW to enjoy the fruits of LATER. It’s the only way to get what you really want both NOW and LATER.

John Mariotti

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