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Sunday Story…Push

Sunday Story…Push

We humans are an interesting lot. We admire amazing feats of strength, crazy courageous acts, and extreme performances of many stripes. We marvel at the accomplishments and sit in awe of the process it took to finish the task.

Yet we are OK with sitting in our own mediocrity while admiring and cheering on greatness. I am pretty sure not one of us came out of the womb with a label that told our parents we would be a star ball player or a master musician.

We were given a direction. Sometimes it made sense and sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes it “clicked” and we knew we were in the right place and we stayed there and enjoyed amazing success. Most of the time we muddle through and do the best we can with the skill set we are given.

But what if you decided you wanted to be world class? And what if all it took was a decision on your part? Granted, if you are only 5’ tall an NBA career may not be your best choice but you could still be a world class player at 5’ tall…IF

You decided that was what you really really wanted.
You worked at it hard and smart.
You were relentless in your pursuit of excellence.
You never gave up.

Then we could look at you in reverence and awe at your world class performance.

Get busy.

John Mariotti

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