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Sunday Story…Resolutions II

Sunday Story…Your Resolutions II

So…when we fail to connect to the outcome of our resolutions we are doomed. Actions will always fail at some point. You will get sick, get busy or a hundred other things that will have us not complete a planned action. When we are connected to the action not acting shows up as a failure. And we hate to fail so we give up.

Connect emotionally to the outcome, the results. At that point when a miss a day I will be more motivated to get back after it. Don’t see going to the gym as the result, see your vibrant health and vitality, the body you want, the strength you desire as the goal. Those pictures will get you up and off the couch. The clearer and more concise and real that outcome is, the more likely you are to stay on task.

Once you have connected to your results figure out what concrete things are standing in the way. If its money find out what it will take to save the necessary funds. List the obstacles and create a plan for getting past them. Break it down for a monthly and weekly plan of action. How much will you need to save every week to get what you need? Then, you guessed it, daily. What is the daily plan that needs to execute for success? Aim for 80% compliance. One day will not cause the whole week or month to fail.

Finally look at what is working NOW and build on that. This is critical. You can’t start loving running tomorrow if you hate it today. If you try to make that 180 degree shift it is a recipe for failure. The idea is to find what works, what you already enjoy doing and build on that to create both a sense of success and a new paradigm to get the life you truly enjoy.

Stephen Covey exhorts us to “Begin with the end in mind.” I would add “Begin with the end in your heart” as well.

John Mariotti

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