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Sunday Story…Sticks and Stones

Sunday Story…Sticks and Stones

Will break my bones but words…well words will hurt me in ways that are deep, hard to heal, and often times invisible.

My bones will knit together. My bruises will disappear. The blood can be staunched.

Words can cut much deeper than my skin, deeper than my viscera. Words can drive deep into my soul. Words can change my view of myself, my view of the world, my thinking of what’s possible.

And words can light up a room, open possibilities, create change, and make a difference.

Words matter. Words are power. Words aren’t benign. Words can be beneficent or malevolent. Before you spit your words out…maybe you should taste them first. Maybe you should gauge how they are going to land. Once spoken you can’t take them back. Like a rock leaving your hand, once those words leave your lips the course is set.

You are in charge of what you say. And you know, in your heart of hearts, whether those words will uplift or drive down their recipient. Choose to uplift or choose nothing at all.

John Mariotti

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